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About us


ROMEX® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of synthetic resin paving jointing mortar. More than 30 years of own research and development, manufacture in own production facility and an all encompassing quality management system acc. to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, guarantee the high quality of our products. We offer a wide range of different paving jointing mortars to suit the various needs of all types of joints.

The various products are suitable for natural and concrete stones as well as for clinker stones.

Areas of use are private and public surfaces, surfaces with pedestrian loads (patios, garden paths), surfaces with heavy traffic loads ( i.e. bus stops ) as well as decorative, water permeable and functional surfaces. Our paving jointing mortars are also environmentally friendly because they fix surfaces, paths and squares without sealing them.

That is why many communities support this kind of ecological surface strengthening by granting subsidies or by reducing the amount of waste water fees or to even remit these completely. We are the first and only manufacturer of an entire range that has a 5 year system guarantee ( RSG 5 ), when ROMEX® TRASS bed products are used in combination with selected ROMEX® paving jointing mortars. 30 years of competent advice, above average service in all areas and continuous customer orientation, have served to make the ROMEX® brand known worldwide and to make our products become established.


The ROMEX® production facility produces quality products made of syn thetic resin. Our own Research and Development department, develops formulas that satisfy highest quality standards. ROMEX® has also set up its own standards, that surpass the generally valid norms. Pavement fixing mortars and industrial flooring made of synthetic resins, are the main products that are developed and manufactured according to modern principles.

CE identification

The entire ROMEX® product range has the CE identification. Th is certifies that we as manufacturer are in accord with the currently valid EU guidelines. The entire product range went though rigorous checks. In addition, all new products brought into the line are tested according to current norms and guidelines and given the CE identific ation.

For over 30 years, ROMEX® has remained one of the world’s leading brands in the synthetic resin floor coating and pavement fixing mortar markets, and continues to lead through innovation.
Our own factory in Germany with its Research and Development department, develops formulas that satisfy highest quality standards. ROMEX® has also set up its own standards, that surpass the generally valid norms.
With this ‘seal of quality’ for German engineering ability, we are proud to confirm that all our products are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany, and only at our own production facilities, which are certified to the globally-recognized ISO-9001 standards.
Our Office based in San Antonio (Texas) assists its clients with competent advice, support in all areas and continuous customer orientation to realize your project, even for homeowners and contractors.
ROMEX®, together with local partners, has developed a concept that offers our clients the best possible assurance for work that is carried out to the highest possible standard. The advantage of using ROMEX® is because of the sector specific advice you get and technical service on site.
With the ROMEX® App you can quickly and easily calculate the quantity of paving jointing mortar required. Available for iOS and Android. Or simply contact us and we will be happy to do it for you!

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